Caption This!
  19 February 2013   Publicado por Rainel Volver

Sorry folks I am late with this one. I was suppose to change it yesterday and I got busy. So I am posting it now. You can check out the captions for our previous photo here. Which I named it “Beast in a Bag” Thanks to the BatB writters Twitter for that one.

Okay Caption this photo and at the end of the week I will pick the best caption.

Lets play a little game, take a look at the image below and try to come up with a funny caption for it. When you have one email it to or use a mention @JRyBatbOnline on twitter and I will add it below.

Caption This!

“Beasties rule!!!!” – gdabfa

“Hell Yeah Party time! – Skye Croft-Ryan

“Kristin! I’m totally sober! Got me beer, got me girls. Life is swweeeet aaass! Churs Girlfriend!” – @evana_marie

“Hell yeah, if you think ‘my beastly side’ is better looking than my print shirt.” – curefor-vincent

“To alcohol! The cause of – and solution – to all of life’s problems” – beastlypadynlecki

“Time to keep on chugging and go nuts!” – beastlypadynlecki

“Hey Beasties! You are the best fans ever!” – @krswsesrs44

“Hey girls! You haven’t seen me in Ellen’s underwear yet!…” – @victoriakhachan

JT – We’re over here!!! #batb – @BatBwriters

“Allright! Party Up!” – Brenda